Montevallo Farmers' Market

Montevallo Farmers' Market

Friday, June 29, 2012

Let's Get Sharp on Monday, July 2!

It's easy to take kitchen knives for granted.  Grab one, slice the vegetables, add them to the skillet, and soon the dish is ready.  Preparing fresh vegetables means lots of peeling and slicing, so dull knives become an aggravation and a safety issue.  Because a dull knife requires more pressure to make the cut, it leads to slips and injuries.

Monday, July 2, Carey Baird is bringing his set up to sharpen your knives on site at the Montevallo Farmers' Market.  His trailer says "On Site Sharpening" and that tells the story!  He has a long history of sharpening tools and knives, but the on-the-road set up is more recent for him.  Bring your knives to market on Monday and meet Carey when you come to shop. 

Cost for getting your knives' blades in great condition will be $2-$6 each.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reunion at the Montevallo Farmers' Market

Commitees for churches, schools, and clubs work hours to plan reunions every year.  Some of those events are attended by hundreds of alumni who get a book of photos of their classmates, have custom designed nametags, and take home vague memories of people they won't see again for another ten years, or more!

The real success of a reunion is spending time with the people who were important to you when you were an active member of the group.  The reunion can be small, but if your friends are present, it's a success. The men in the above photo had an informal reunion at the Montevallo Farmers' Market opening day.  Pictured are Jack Hughes, Mike Garrett, Wayne Don L. Horton, and Mike Pickett.  Jack, Mike, and Don L. were reliving their days at Montevallo High School and made a stop at the market to see Mike Pickett from Honey Hill Farm.  Mike joined their conversation and laughter while we waited for the market to open.

Thanks for coming by to get Honey Hill Farm honey and some Chilton County peaches for your tables.  You never know who might be shopping and talking at the market on Mondays!