Montevallo Farmers' Market

Montevallo Farmers' Market

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Music at the Market!

When you think about your favorite shopping days at Montevallo Farmers' Market, there is probably a soundtrack that goes along with the first ripe tomatoes and the juiciest peaches you discovered!  Music makes our warm market afternoons even better.  Doug Morris and friends, Dallas Perry, Oliver Stansell's band, the Pea Ridge Senior Singers, and the Nursing Home Quartet were some favorites.  With the cover provided at Montevallo 1st Baptist and the easy availability of electricity, music groups can set up and entertain rain or shine.  If you know a band that might come out on a Monday afternoon, email and provide the contact information.  Montevallo loves music!  Especially while they shop at Montevallo Farmers' Market.

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