Montevallo Farmers' Market

Montevallo Farmers' Market

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two of our farmers are from Pea Ridge near Montevallo.  This church sign is in Pea Ridge just up the road from the Pickett's Honey Hill Farm.  The more you know farmers' market vendors and shoppers, the more you realize that they are originals! 

If you work heavy equipment all night so that you can farm daytime, you're an original.  If you're a college student and planted acres of okra and tomatoes to sell at the farmers' market, you are an original.  If you're farming land that's been in your family since the 1920's, you are an original.  If you are fully certified organic raising animals and growing a garden, you are an original.  Come to think of it, only an original would brave the weather, the econormy, and big time food producers to farm for selling at the local farmers' market.  Giving their customers the opportunity to buy fresh locally grown products is a commitment that matters to the growers at Montevallo's Monday Market!

Shoppers at the market want to know the people who grow their food.  They appreciate the farmer who will  cut and sample the canteloupe for a customer who wants to know that the melon is sweet.  Market customers take the time to check all the booths and then purchase from several in order to support more than just one vendor.  A walk down the aisle at the market usually means time to talk to friends and enjoy the music being played by local talent.  When a customer becomes accustomed to using fresh eggs, they want to be sure they get to the market soon after opening so that the eggs aren't sold out!  For Montevallo Monday Market customers, food shopping is an original experience every week!

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